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FIFA & UNODC Agreed to Combat Match-Fixing via Education

16 March 2021, 17:09
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FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) and UNODC (United Nations on Office on Drugs and Crime) announced a new initiative aimed at battling match-fixing. The Global Integrity Programme is called to increase knowledge among all 211 FIFA members. Login Casino follows the latest news in betting and explains how the new initiative will influence the bookmaking world.

FIFA & UNODC Agreed to Combat Match-Fixing via Education

Being a primary body on the international football scene, FIFA initiated a new way of dealing with match-fixing. The Global Integrity Programme is an educational step that combines the experience of both football and UNODC knowledge in the game-manipulating sector.

The organizations not only announced the deal but also want to start educational workshops this month. The plan assumes participation of all 211 football associations that are members of FIFA, which have to learn how to detect and prevent manipulations in football.

What are the perspectives of such initiatives?

Such cooperation goes in parallel with other international initiatives presented earlier. Thus, the International Betting Integrity Association was launched in 2005 in order to gather licensed bookmakers that would be defeating match-fixing in sports. Similar initiatives were launched in particular countries as well, usually, those who are giving betting licenses of their own.

While the collaborations of betting operators are aimed at detecting drastic changes in the odds lines on the same events, FIFA's initiative should help to resolve the problem from quite another side. Thus, educational programs have to help bodies involved in football competitions to detect suspicious cases and inform them about it.

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