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Facts about Indian Players Operators Should Know

30 January 2021, 11:05
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Speakers of SBC Digital India have discussed various aspects of the Indian gambling industry. The psychology of a player is one of them as the understanding of users’ motives and actions can simplify operators’ tasks significantly.

Facts about Indian Players Operators Should Know

Triggers, which can influence a user’s decisions, are frequently discussed in news about the casino vertical. However, the experts have shared valuable information about types of players, their preferences, and the most effective tools to catch their attention.

Operators should push the right content at the right time

The conference participants have considered the topic of a player’s psychology from different perspectives. Laxmi Khanolkar, Co-Founder & CEO at Apar games, has noted that it is an important aspect to keep in mind while creating the design of a gambling product. It should be neither too complicated nor easy, which doesn’t deliver fun. Designers should pay attention to colors, style of buttons, and other elements that may seem insignificant but impact players indeed.

The experts have shared several techniques, which allow operators to retain customers. For example, Laxmi Khanolkar recommends applying an extra award technique when players are about to drop a game. This makes them motivated to come back again. She emphasizes that, for login streak, it is necessary to prepare the rewards setup for users. Martin Clarke, Director of Product at FIM, has supported this idea and said that rewards should be surprising for users because this creates an emotional reaction and, as a result, loyalty between a customer and brand.

Chris Nikolopoulos, CCO at Betby, has added from the sportsbook point of view that tools and functionality are major features for sports betting customers. When designing products, operators should keep in mind such factors as entertainment for a player, ease, and safety. He has also mentioned the importance of user behavior analysis saying that personalization and pushing the right content at the right time are the most effective methods for customer retention. By applying them, operators will be able to provide relevant content to a player.

Laxmi Khanolkar has added that operators should direct attention to the way they communicate with their notifications to customers as it affects whether they come back to a game. For players in India, messages will be different in comparison to other players in the world.

mobile betting

Speaking about Indian players, Chris Nikolopoulos has added that they are totally different in terms of demographics. Millennials use more mobile betting, that is why a mobile-first approach is crucial. Younger users more comfortable with playing online, and this moves business from a traditional land-based approach to a digital strategy. Moreover, the younger audience in India is more engaged in new types of betting, including esports, virtual sports, NBA, etc. The new generation of players is more aware of licensed operators. He has concluded that India differs from other markets. High odds for sportsbooks and payments are key things to focus on.

Prabhat Prakash, Founder of Go Higher Ventures, has pointed out segmentation as one of the most effective methods to study a customer’s psychology. He has provided a classification for gamblers, according to their motivation, which consists of such types as Achievers, Explorers, Socializers, and Killers. Based on this, operators can run targeted promotional campaigns that will bring success.

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