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Experts Reflect upon the Netherlands’ Betting Regulations

25 September 2019, 12:30
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The consultation on the Netherlands’ secondary rules and regulations regarding online gaming has caused misgivings about suggested restrictions on betting. Experts are claiming players might be pushed to look for illegal operators because of new regulations.

Experts Reflect upon the Netherlands’ Betting Regulations

According to Rory Raine who represents bet365, warned players could lose interest in licensed operators’ offers and instead of this choose illegal ones. He also added a lot of customers of the company made bets on individual games or sets in tennis. However, new regulations have forbidden doing this. This confirms people are interested in this type of bets. If they lose such an opportunity, it will seriously affect channeling rates. According to Raine, a much better decision would be to ban betting on winning or losing individual points as it is easier to manipulate in comparison with entire games or sets.

The International Betting Integrity Association shares the same opinion. It claimed such regulations might alienate people from legal offers instead of drawing them on. The Association also added the common opinion that such markets were targeted for manipulation was false; fixers preferred to focus on having an impact on the final result of an event.

As mentioned earlier, Holland Casino has reported the results of its performance. According to the company’s representatives, its revenue increased by approximately 12 % in the second half of 2019.

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