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European Trade Association Opposes New Lower Austria Regulations

18 September 2019, 14:57
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The International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA) has addressed the European Commission and asked them to refuse new Lower Austria rules and regulations regarding gambling. IBIA claims they contradict trade rules and will lead to a higher number of illegal operators.

European Trade Association Opposes New Lower Austria Regulations

IBIA belongs to major European trade groups in the gambling industry. The association opposed new regulations consisting in the limitation of Internet betting licences to two years, the introduction of a maximum stake of €350 per bet and a ban on in-play sports betting products other than partial or final results. The guidelines aiming at amending gambling industry in northeasternmost state of Austria were submitted to the Commission one month ago.

According to IBIA, such changes will not attract operators who want to make investments for a long time. They will prefer other European countries where this limit is up to ten years.

IBIA also claims the authorities did not introduce any pieces of evidence that would substantiate such measures, which would adversely affect the market. Moreover, the trade group cited researches that confirm in-play betting is not more dangerous than other types of betting and added other European countries with no limits on in-play betting do not suffer from increased levels of addiction. 

Consequently, IBIA requires the EC to take its time to examine these regulations and decide whether they contradict EU trade law.

As mentioned earlier, the third amended State Treaty on Gambling was supported by three Germany’s gaming institutions. However, they are asking authorities to develop new regulations to legalize online slots.

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