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European Consumer Protection Standards Are Called into Question

1 October 2019, 12:14
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According to EGBA (the European Gaming and Betting Association), gambling regulation has to be aimed not only at promoting iGaming companies’ interests but safeguarding consumers’ rights as well.

European Consumer Protection Standards Are Called into Question

The association representatives argued that a single EU market would solve the problem of national barriers. Moreover, they stated that European governing bodies must do everything to prevent the EU’s economy from being left behind due to the global digital transformation.

EGBA’s reasons for enhancing regulation:

  • internet gambling is more widespread and popular, the challenge here is to guarantee that EU citizens use only EUlicensed gambling sites;
  • there is a dispersion of national rules and absence of a single market;
  • consumer protection standards diverge greatly and are inadequate, not all countries have implemented the safeguarding rules;
  • EU countries have no framework for regulatory cooperation;
  • national authorities do not worry about their rules not complying with the laws of the European Union, however, EU regulation must be obligatory.

As mentioned earlier, EGBA has been putting much effort in winning the case against the Norwegian Government regarding payment blocking.

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