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EuroMillions Received the 16th Millionaire Maker’s Winner

6 August 2019, 07:33
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A happy family from Basingstoke has won £1 million on EuroMillions lottery – a husband and wife share their future life plans and thoughts on how they are going to manage their winning.

EuroMillions Received the 16th  Millionaire Maker’s Winner

On July 19, Ian Bennett noticed the bright-colored advertising for the £96 million win and decided to try his luck. He bought a couple of lottery tickets at Festival Place shopping centre unaware of the additional opportunity to win one of the 20 prizes of £1 million each. To his surprise, the next day he found himself among the winners. After texting his wife Debby about “having some news”, Ian met her at lunch break and told about the lucky ticket.

Despite the fact that the family has a lot of plans with regard to their winning, Ian and Debby do not intend to spend all their money. The kids’ main request is staying in the area and getting a hamster. Therefore, except buying a new house somewhere in Basingstoke, they are not going to make any large purchases – a major part of the winning will be kept on deposit.

The family’s personal life is also subject to change. Ian definitely wants to quit his job as a driver and become an electrician. As for the wife, Debby enjoys working at nursery home but plans to reduce the number of work hours in order to spend more time with her husband and kids.

Ian and Debby’s family has become the 16th  winner of the 20 Millionaire Maker’s possible jackpots organized by EuroMillions lottery. Every UK player automatically participates in this prize draw, so do not lose your chance to join the lucky winners!


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