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EuroMillions Paid £170m to the Biggest UK Lottery Winner

29 October 2019, 16:18
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One of the UK’s citizens has become the biggest lottery winner in the country’s history. The lucky one has decided to remain anonymous.

EuroMillions Paid £170m to the Biggest UK Lottery Winner

EuroMillions paid one hundred and seventy million pounds to the person who had matched all the necessary numbers. This huge amount of money made the lucky winner even richer than Adele and Ed Sheeran.

According to the National Lottery’s representative Andy Carter, their team’s task consists in supporting and helping the ticket-holder who only begins a new life after this win. He also reminded that all people who take part in any National Lottery game help to raise money for charity.

The above-mentioned win beats the previous record for the biggest amount of money won in the UK’s lottery. Eight years ago, Chris and Colin Weir were lucky to win one hundred and sixty-one million pounds. In general, 2019 has been quite successful for Britons participating in the EuroMillions Lottery. During the year, a few jackpots have been claimed.

It is noteworthy that the world record for the biggest lottery win, which is 1,308 billion pounds, remains unbeaten.

As mentioned earlier, at the beginning of October, the St. Albans Crown Court accused Edward Putman of the National Lottery fraud.

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