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ESIC Refuses Its Relationship with Bookmakers

12 April 2021, 17:10
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The Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) came up with explanations concerning its supportive role for the betting sector. According to the spokespersons, the organization's only aim is to decrease match-fixing cases in the sector. Login Casino follows the latest esports news, explaining the details of the controversial discussion.

ESIC Refuses Its Relationship with Bookmakers

The latest news related to the ESIC was related to the organization's serving for the betting industry. Thus, among the major facts was the Commission's ability to save bookmakers from paying huge winnings because of particular bets' suspicious nature.

Are those allegations true?

It has forced Ian Smith, the Commissioner of the Esports Integrity Commission, to fight back and explain the nature and processes that ESIC accomplishes. The official has started with the statement that ESIC is a non-profit organization, and its aims aren't linked to the betting sector.

Moreover, Smith has explained the nature of match-fixing, which involves players themselves. At the same time, he has shown that this problem harms both the cybersport sector and bookmakers by suggesting odds for events. To show the importance of ESIC as it is, the spokesperson has said that its organization focuses on setting a needed level of cooperation between the sides to avoid match-fixing's adverse phenomenon.

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