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ESIC Adds the Portuguese Esports Federation to Its Membership

13 August 2020, 12:52
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According to the latest esports news, ESIC (the Esports Integrity Commission) has added the Portuguese Esports Federation as its member.

ESIC Adds the Portuguese Esports Federation to Its Membership

It means that the Portuguese Esports Federation will operate under ESIC’s guidelines. It also touches upon all upcoming tournaments that now should follow ESIC’s codes (Code of Conduct for Players, Anti-Corruption, and Anti-Doping).

It’s the next step for the Portuguese Esports Federation

President of Portuguese Esports Federation Tiago Fernandes has commented on this event, saying that it is an important step for the Portuguese esports community. The cooperation with ESIC will help to develop its ecosystem, implementing the right values. The PESF has created a special calendar, in which all esports-related individuals can find essential information about future competitions. It allows organizers to ensure the integrity and fairness of such tournaments.

ESIC Commissioner Ian Smith also provided his opinion on a new member. He said that the Portuguese Esports Federation had done much for this vertical, and the implementation of ESIC’s Codes into its operation would only improve it.

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