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ESG Rises to Prominence

13 June 2021, 10:53
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As the iGambing industry evolves, sustainability becomes a crucial factor for iGambling operators as well as for investors. The gambling news reports that the experts voice their concerns about environmental, social, governance (ESG) factors.

ESG Rises to Prominence

As Kelly Perry, an ESG Director at the Edison Group, noted during the online panel discussion, “iGaming Next online”, the last year was marked as “coming of age” for an ESG. The new regulations and government policies are coming mandatory. Furthermore, 80 percent of investors consider the sustainability factor in further decision-making. It is for those reasons the operators of gambling sector should place their focus on the Environmental, Social, and Governance factors. 

Liesbeth Oost, a sustainability manager in Aspire Global, has confirmed the rising importance of the ESG’s social aspect in the gambling industry. The issues of responsible gambling, ethical marketing, safe user experience fall into this category. Unlike the environmental factor, they are more difficult to measure and report on.

The shareholders and investors, however, are more than ever concerned with the gambling stigma, and require full disclosers on the issue. So, the annual sustainability reports are going to be crucial for those gambling operators, that are willing to succeed.

Both speakers have said that the guidelines for the ESG approach a yet to be developed. Moreover, each operator should work out its own approach to tackle the sustainability issue.

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