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EPT Barcelona Announces its High Roller Winner

6 September 2019, 11:12
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The title and prize money went to Chris Hunichen, a professional poker player nicknamed ‘BigHuni’. However, the future champion started the week feeling pretty depressed.

EPT Barcelona Announces its High Roller Winner

Upon arriving in Barcelona, ‘BigHuni’ received two horrible pieces of news: his father’s health problems (Type 2 Diabetes) and a close friend’s death because of a heart attack. They say misfortunes never come singly. Therefore, on the same day Hunichen learned that his beloved dog had been diagnosed with kidney and pancreas disease.

However, despite an emotionally awful start ‘BigHuni’ has managed to win the €10,300 EPT High Roller event competing against the most elite poker players. Almost a million-dollar prize became a sort of compensation for terrible stress he had to deal with.

The last day of the event was the most challenging. The final table of nine included several top poker players like Salter, Ayras, and Reichenstein. The latter became Hunichen’s opponent in the final battle. ‘BigHuni’s aggressive poker style yielded results, therefore his total sum of earnings in live tournaments exceeded 6 million dollars.

As mentioned earlier, the total sum of money that is going to be paid out to online poker series winners in September amounts to €35 million.

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