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Entain's Study on Betting Proves It Is Responsible in UK

23 April 2021, 15:03
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According to a new study conducted by a sports betting company Entain, the UK bettors are responsible users of gambling services who don’t overdo this entertainment and consider it as a social activity.

Entain's Study on Betting Proves It Is Responsible in UK

The study goes in contrary to some betting news in the country. However, the bookmaker is sure that players want more freedom as they can control themselves to the full extent.

Stereotypes about British bettors are false

One of the most important facts taken from the survey is that the majority of Britons who gamble want freedom in this activity. More than 90% percent of punters have said that they have the right to decide on what to spend their money. This results from the data that seventy-eight percent of respondents have answered that while betting, they spend approximately the same sum on this entertainment as they usually do in restaurants. What is more important, the survey proves that the UK bettors are people with job, 40% of which have obtained a higher education, which contradicts all stereotypes.

Of course, the pandemic has influenced the demand for betting services in the country. It has increased considerably in comparison to 2020. However, Britons gamble because it is an available method to be socially active and even make friends during the time full of restrictions. More than the half of the study participants have also said that placing bets allows them to support lower league clubs.

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