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EGBA Doesn’t Support Spain’s Gambling Advertising Restrictions

3 November 2020, 17:38
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The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) asks the Spanish government to reconsider its approach to gambling ads.

EGBA Doesn’t Support Spain’s Gambling Advertising Restrictions

According to the latest gambling news, Spain’s gambling advertising rules will come into force in the nearest time. However, the upcoming restrictions resemble a complete ban as they are too strict and even biased in some aspects.

EGBA says that gambling advertising will become privileged

Under the new regulations, advertising of this type will be available to viewers only within a limited period – 1:00-5:00 a.m. Night time isn’t the only problem for operators as there is also the prohibition of ads at football stadiums, on sportsmen’s clothes, and equipment.

It has turned out that not all gambling market participants are equal in terms of the restrictions. While privately-owned businesses will need to comply with the law, state-based operators will benefit from the privilege that allows them not to conform to the rules. It is the main reason why the EGBA asks Spain’s Ministry of Consumer Affairs to review advertising measures because they go against the EU state aid provisions. The association insists that such restrictions discriminate against private firms and are aimed at the financial profit for state operators.

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