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EGBA Backs EU Commission’s Digital Services Act

16 December 2020, 14:05
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According to the recent gambling news, the European Gaming and Betting Association has welcomed the European Commission’s new legislative document called a Digital Services Act.

EGBA Backs EU Commission’s Digital Services Act

What is the act’s purpose?

The EU Commission’s new proposal will help to maintain a transparent, regulated, and well-organized digital market. The act will bring reform to the digital space by introducing a bundle of rules for related services. It means that all online platforms providing services to Internet users in the territory of the European Union will have to follow certain regulations, which protect digital consumers’ rights.

EGBA supports the idea and intention to improve the current conditions of the European Digital Single Market by implementing innovation and stimulating competitiveness within it. The gambling sector isn’t included in the Digital Services Act’s scope, however, the proposal will also influence it because the regulations will touch upon such verticals as digital advertising and social media, which are related to the iGaming market as well. EGBA will participate in the process of enactment.

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