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Dutch PokerStars Clients Expect Refund From Government

10 February 2021, 16:17
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The decision of the Den Bosch court confirmed that the Dutch users of the PokerStars platform were taxed inappropriately. At the moment, almost 100 players won the first stage of the lawsuit, and the governmental structures have to return their funds. Login Casino follows the shakiest poker news and explains what continuation to expect at the moment.

Dutch PokerStars Clients Expect Refund From Government

The Dutch lawyer Pepijn Le Heux won the poker taxation case in the court of Den Bosch. Almost a hundred of his clients, all PokerStars users who have won some cash on the card platform, now expect the refund because of the wrong taxation.

The essence of the case lies in the PokerStars location registration. The Netherlands officials insist that the poker platform is registered in the Isle of Man, which doesn't belong to the EU. It means that all the payments by PokerStars must be taxed at the level of 29% as non-EU winnings.

However, the advocate brought enough evidence to review PokerStars as the Maltese-registered website. It means that the taxation approach was wrong, and now players can expect a refund. According to the rough calculations, the total amount of the returned funds may reach a few million euros.

Is it a final decision in this case?

Even though the Den Bosch court was relatively unambiguous with its decision, the cassation process might still occur. The Tax and Customs Administration have six weeks to go to the Supreme Court and change the decision.

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