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Dutch Ops Are Step Forward Towards Legalized Gambling

2 April 2021, 11:42
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Finally, the good news about the gambling legislation in the Netherlands has been published on the regulator’s official website.

Dutch Ops Are Step Forward Towards Legalized Gambling

It was informed that after some tests, technical problems, and delays, the process of license acquisition was initiated.

Operators are officially allowed to submit applications

According to the KSA’s announcement, the digital portal has already been launched. It means that Dutch gambling companies, which want to provide their services in the market legally, have got an opportunity to do this starting October 1, 2021, if, of course, they can comply with all the requirements.

The market entrance consists of two steps. The first one is the submission of the application (till April 15), which includes the provision of the package of documents and payment. The next stage for operators is to provide gaming systems reports (till April 15). The regulatory body guarantees that all applicants who meet the requirements will be granted a license at the same time.

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