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Dutch Ministry of Health Imposed Curfew for Casinos

22 September 2020, 12:09
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As it is informed in the recent news about casinos in the Netherlands, the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport has placed a curfew for visiting gambling establishments.

Dutch Ministry of Health Imposed Curfew for Casinos

Although these restrictions have been initially applicable only to bars and restaurants, now land-based casinos and slot halls also need to follow them. The curfew hasn’t come into effect across the whole country but only in five regions, including such cities as Amsterdam, the Hague, Leiden, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Hoofddorp.

What are the restrictions’ conditions?

According to the curfew rules, the gambling halls can open their doors for visitors only till 1 a.m. After this time, they have to close, otherwise, they will break the law. In addition to this, at midnight, casinos have to start preparing for shutting down to ensure that they won’t provide any services during the curfew time.

The restrictions were put in force on September 20, and the gambling association representatives said that casinos weren’t in the list of venues at the beginning. However, the latest version of the decree encompasses the majority of entertainment venues, and gambling halls are in this list as well. Moreover, the crowds with fifty or more people are considered as the law breach and have to be reported.

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