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Dutch Lawyers Extend Cooperation to Prevent Match-Fixing

26 November 2020, 15:36
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The Dutch lawmakers asked the Integrisport project to share the vision about the match-fixing issues in sports. In order to make the betting industry clearer and more reliable and help the Netherlands, the Global Lottery Monitoring System (GLMS) joined the discussion. Login Casino follows the most important changes in the latest betting news and explains what steps towards reducing suspicious wagering will be taken.

Dutch Lawyers Extend Cooperation to Prevent Match-Fixing

Match-fixing is a well-known problem that poisons sports principles of fair competition. Except for the predetermined result before the game is played, it affects the sports betting industry, which tries to immerse itself into niche offers. However, a more local tournament usually means greater danger for the bookmakers.

Even though the problem has already been at the top of the betting industry obstacles, the real collaborative steps towards reducing match-fixing aren't made yet. However, the Dutch officials decided to act and organized the meeting, where the Foundation for Sports Integrity and the GLMS joined the discussion.

The experience of the Global Lottery Monitoring System can help in different ways. Thus, the ability to analyze huge amounts of data now is widely seen as the key to resolving the issue. As there are not so many odds' line suppliers for bookmakers, a strange or suspicious activity on the particular bookie's website can be detected. However, it can be analyzed only if the whole picture is available for viewing.

What has already been done in the industry to prevent match-fixing?

Except for the traditional item in the terms and conditions agreement of every bookmaker that allows canceling the bet, little has been done. The Maltese Gaming Authority did a similar step that Dutch governors try to accomplish. Being the international licensor that has given dozens of permissions for betting platforms, MGA has already launched the specific controlling tool earlier in November. However, there are still enough discussions about its efficiency as bookmakers can receive overwhelming right to cancel many huge bets as suspicious ones, while the punter has just been risky and lucky enough.

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