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Doug Polk Offers a Battle, Daniel Negreanu Scoffs at This Idea

30 July 2020, 12:23
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The most interesting topics in all poker news articles are wrangles between famous poker players. Their arguments on social media entertain poker fans. This time the retired pro player Doug Polk decided to challenge Daniel Negreanu.

Doug Polk Offers a Battle, Daniel Negreanu Scoffs at This Idea

This week was very emotional for Daniel as he got into several unpleasant situations. The first one is connected with his streams on Twitch. The poker player blurted out some threats to a viewer, and it caused his immediate ban. The second situation touches upon another poker pro – Doug Polk – who has shot an offensive video about the player and offered a battle to him.

Wrangles on Twitter may lead to a grudge match

Of course, the conflicts between these two players heighten fans’ interest. Some of them express their opinion on social media and ask for more shows. For example, one of Twitter users suggested Polk settle the argument by holding the match against Negreanu. He liked this idea and challenged Negreanu in his tweet.

However, the former player set his conditions for the game, and it led to Daniel’s reaction immediately. His answer to Doug wasn’t positive. The Kid Poker has written that Polk offers to play the game that he has been studying much and to stream the process. The thing is that Daniel isn’t a strong Texas hold 'em player, as opposed to Polk. It seems like the Canadian player has chosen Negreanu as a person for his hate and is jealous of him.

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