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DONTNOD Cooperates With Tencent and Other Investors

28 January 2021, 17:36
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The French game-developing studio Dontnod Entertainment agreed to a multi-million investment from the side of Chinese giant Tencent. The developer is also looking for other outside investments to increase effectiveness. Login Casino follows the latest esports news, now describing the deal in more detail and analyzing the future development of DONTNOD.

DONTNOD Cooperates With Tencent and Other Investors

Dontnod Entertainment is a comparatively young developing firm that was established in 2008 and received serious recognition only in 2016. Since that time, the company has wanted to grow up to be able to publish games by themselves and not only develop them. The announced deal with Tencent seems to help in the realization of such a plan. Also, officials insist that Tencent won't be influencing the firm and takes an investor position.

According to the public information, the Chinese gaming giant, Tencent, will invest about €30 million in the French operator. At the same time, DONTNOD will receive an easier way to enter the Chinese gaming market and will be represented in the most populated country.

However, that is not the only financial step the French developer will make in the nearest future. Thus, Dontnod Entertainment is going to receive an extra €10 million besides the deal with Tencent.

Is it a step forward for DONTNOD?

Such an economic step should help the company in terms of reaching its audience. The game developer now receives the possibility to control the publication process and easily correlate the developing and publishing aspects.

Company representatives also stated that outside investments would help to develop games for mobile versions. The latest published game, "Twin Mirror," appeared only on three major gaming platforms - Windows, Xbox One, and PS4. The former release was even less flexible in terms of getting new clients as "Tell Me Why" was available for only Windows and Xbox One owners.

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