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Does the National Lottery Provoke the Gambling Epidemic among Minors?

20 July 2020, 13:10
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According to news about the lottery market in the UK, the National Lottery uses a loophole that allows minors to spend money on this type of gambling.

Does the National Lottery Provoke the Gambling Epidemic among Minors?

As it has been recently revealed, the state-approved lottery in Great Britain benefits from a creephole that makes it possible for children to gamble. UK citizens whose age starts from sixteen can get access to various lottery games easily. The latest data show that they spend £350 on average per week on such entertainment. According to experts, the current situation may cause many problems in the future. The figures provided by investigations are shocking: minors have spent forty-seven million pounds on the National Lottery products during 2017-2018.

The Government is going to increase the age limit urgently

It isn’t the first time when the UK Government considers this problem. Earlier, Members of Parliament have already been reviewing the minimum gambling age limit. They needed time to analyze the results of the study and the process wasn’t under time pressure.

Gambling has been available for sixteen-year-old citizens for twenty-five years. Now the Government wants to change the regulation and increase it to eighteen. At the same time, representatives of the company that owns the National Lottery say that this product doesn’t include many risks in comparison to other gambling services.

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