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Does Google Break Italy’s Ban on Gambling Ads?

4 September 2020, 15:39
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The Italian Communications Authority (AGCOM) has shared the information in the news about the gambling industry that it requires some time to investigate whether Google violates the ban on gambling-related ads.

Does Google Break Italy’s Ban on Gambling Ads?

The authority has started to consider the case concerning Google’s hypothetic evasion of the ban. As it has been informed, the American giant search engine company shows gambling advertising to users in those countries which have blocked it. It is worth mentioning that Italy’s ban on such ads has come into force in 2018.

How will the investigation be conducted?

The issue of the investigation touches upon the question of whether the bill includes points connected with foreign gambling companies’ ads located at the beginning of search results. The authority didn’t want to ignore this case and decided to examine more information.

Previous cases have related mostly to bonus offers, which are also prohibited in the country because they are considered to be advertising. Operators aren’t allowed to place them on their websites. However, the requirements are controversial, and some gambling companies find loopholes that help them to win a suit.

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