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Discriminatory Decree: AMI Applies to Court

18 January 2021, 12:31
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Asociación de Medios de Información (AMI), the association that represents the Spanish media space, has applied to the Supreme Court to lodge a complaint against the changes in the Royal Decree of Advertising.

Discriminatory Decree: AMI Applies to Court

The information about the prejudiced attitude to some market participants in the Decree has recently appeared in the news about the gambling industry in Spain.

AMI insists on the Decree’s discriminatory nature

According to the association, the law isn’t equal for everybody operating in the market. The Ministry of Consumer Affairs has restricted the non-digital sector participants immensely, especially in time. While digital advertisers have the right to comply with the requirements starting August, the period for standard media is shortened – they will need to follow new rules from May 1.

The AMI insists that the amendments seem to be unfair and discriminatory. Such information channels as press, radio, and television will be damaged by them extremely. The reason for this is that they come into force before the newsworthy events – the 2021 UEFA Euro Championship and Olympic Games. Digital media will have time to use the opportunity, while traditional sectors are left with nothing.

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