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Did COVID-19 Bring Any Changes to the Gambling Industry in Norway?

19 May 2020, 11:23
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As recent news about the gambling market shows, it has been influenced by the COVID-19 consequences in many countries. Norway was also severely hit by the virus and it led to some economic losses and initiatives from the government that could help to support businesses and consumers.

Did COVID-19 Bring Any Changes to the Gambling Industry in Norway?

Despite the pandemic and long lockdown, the country has almost managed to get out of the crisis. The same situation is with the gambling industry: Norwegians continue to spend time on their favorite kind of entertainment – online gambling activities.

The Norwegian government was afraid that the quarantine might lead to an increase in problem gambling. However, the country’s citizens showed their high level of responsibility and social consciousness: any negative signals weren’t recorded. In addition to this, the European Gaming and Betting Association with the support of the Norwegian Gambling Association introduced special guidance that motivated operators to run a business responsibly.

The influence of the lockdown on the Norwegian gambling industry

Speaking about the most popular gambling activities during the quarantine, it should be mentioned that, as in many other countries, gamblers in Norway have reconsidered their attitude to esports. Moreover, the country has several esports stars, for example, “HunterAce” (Casper Notto) and “Nyhrox” (Emil Bergquist Pedersen), that is why this sector has all chances to develop further. In general, the pandemic didn’t influence the gambling industry in Norway greatly: only slight changes were brought to it.

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