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DGOJ and AFE Partner to Prevent Match-Fixing

23 November 2020, 11:53
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As the latest gambling news from Spain informs, the DGOJ, the country’s gambling regulator, which is governed by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, has recently partnered with the AFE (Spanish Footballers' Association) to undertake measures against match-fixing.

DGOJ and AFE Partner to Prevent Match-Fixing

The agreement will result in the creation of a special commission that will monitor compliance. It will also include campaigns on social media as well as training about match-fixing for football players.

The collaboration will help to increase awareness of the problem

The problem of match-fixing exists in Spain, and it influences professional sports negatively. Moreover, it brings considerable risks to several industries. Fraudulent actions in sports competitions lead to a lack of confidence among both bettors and bookmakers. That is why the regulator and AFE are interested in solving this problem equally.

The program under the agreement will educate all the sector participants about the negative effects of match-fixing cases and ways to prevent it. Useful information will be provided during seminars, awareness campaigns held in all possible media, and the distribution of related data in football clubs. The AFE and DGOJ will work together closely and communicate to ensure that sports manipulations don’t dominate the sector.

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