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Deposit Limits Will Be in Place until November in Sweden

21 May 2021, 10:18
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As it was informed in the Swedish news about the casino sector, the country decided to prolong temporary restrictions imposed during the lockdown.

Deposit Limits Will Be in Place until November in Sweden

These measures were taken to protect players from gambling-related harm during the pandemic. However, the decision to extend the deposit cap period has already been criticized by license holders, who have said that it will only give a boost to the black market.

The government explains the decision by high pandemic rates

The limits came into effect in summer 2020 after they were discussed in April last year. The initial plan was to have them in place only until the end of the previous year. The Swedish government made a decision that it would be better to keep the casino restrictions in place until June 2021 due to the negative dynamics of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Recently, Swedish political bosses have reconsidered the end date for deposit limits and arrived at the conclusion that they will remain in force for a prolonged period this year. The official date is November 14. The deposit cap of five thousand Swedish kronor is set for remote casinos but land-based venues also follow this rule and establish the loss limit of such a sum. In addition to this, players should control the time they spend on gambling.

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