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Denmark Updates Two Marketing-Related Gambling Guides

23 December 2020, 16:07
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The Danish Gambling Authority informed that it had polished two guides related to marketing and promotion by adding new information to them.

Denmark Updates Two Marketing-Related Gambling Guides

This gambling news seems very important to the industry’s representatives in Denmark as it will influence their promotional capabilities. The authority constantly monitors the market and detects aspects that require changes or improvements to comply with the country’s legal framework. This time, advertising guidelines for gambling companies were in the highlight.

What has changed in the regulations?

According to the Danish Gambling Authority, it has updated the following directions:

  • social media presence and content;
  • increased odds and loyalty bonuses;
  • legal aspects.

Operators’ social media has always been within the focus of the regulator’s attention. The new law emphasizes that text and a photo in a post is a single unit and the introductory part of a promotion campaign. That is why operators have to include important terms and conditions in the post on social media platforms. The regulatory body notes that social media accounts connected with operators’ websites based on approved domains have to comply with all requirements. Moreover, operators are obliged to revise inactive profiles and previous posts. Gambling companies also have to comply with the duty of disclosure, keeping in mind that operators’ profiles are assessed by the regulator individually.

Danish Gambling

As for bonus offers and loyalty programs, the Danish Gambling Authority says that it can be both a promotional tool and a gift. To differentiate between these two types, the regulator has provided clearly defined signs of each of them. For example, a bonus is considered as a sales promotion if it is available to a limited number of users or applies only to high odds. Besides, boosted odds are considered as a part of a promotion campaign when they have a commercial benefit.

The guide has reference to legal practice. As a result of several cases related to bonus offers, a set of terms and conditions were considered as of high importance, including but not limited to deposit and playthrough requirements, bets limits, etc. The authority has added that this information has to be listed in offers first and foremost.

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