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Denmark Sees Growth of Casino and Poker Revenue

4 September 2020, 13:47
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According to the recent data and gambling news from Denmark, the country sees a considerable increase in several gambling sectors.

Denmark Sees Growth of Casino and Poker Revenue

Although 2020 was difficult for the gambling industry, as well as for other businesses, due to the coronavirus pandemic, several sectors even could thrive and achieve notable results in term of revenue. Digital entertainment remained attractive to players, and they took the opportunity to try new products.

What verticals succeeded most of all?

Of course, the pandemic has changed the priorities and trends of the gambling industry. Those markets that hadn’t been so popular among players before, got a second chance during the lockdown. For example, poker became one of those verticals that showed considerable gains in many countries throughout the world, and Denmark wasn’t an exception. Revenue from online poker services is estimated at DKK 45.9 million in the second quarter of 2020, which is 35 percent more in comparison to the previous year. It is the best result of annual growth within a quarter.

The same situation is in the casino market that has also succeeded. Its earnings aren’t so impressive as the poker vertical has, but 4.5 percent is also a good rate, taking into consideration the fact that it has been gained during hard economic times. The 2020 Q2 is the most profitable period for the casino market at the current time. Only sports betting in Denmark was damaged by the pandemic: it fell by 40 percent.

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