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Decrease in Minor Gambling in the UK

24 October 2019, 16:09
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A new survey conducted in the UK revealed that the number of children aged between eleven and sixteen years old participating in gambling had decreased.

Decrease in Minor Gambling in the UK

Among 2,943 respondents, 11% claimed that they had spent their money on gambling within the week prior to the research, compared to 14% in the previous year.

36% of the surveyed children said that they had taken part in gambling spending their money within the last year, compared to 39% in 2018. However, some figures remained the same. This relates to the number of the respondents considered to be problem gamblers: they accounted for 1.7% in both years. Most children (89%) claimed that they had not been involved in any type of gambling activities over the past year.

However, the Gambling Commission said that the cooperation among the industry’s representatives, government, regulatory body charities, parent and teachers should continue in order to combat the issue of minor gambling since underage remain involved in gambling activities.

According to the Commission’s CEO Tim Miller, such cooperation should help to prevent young people and children from using age-restricted products.

As mentioned earlier, the Gambling Commission has asked pubs across England and Wales to takes measures in order to prevent underage from getting access to Category C gaming machines.

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