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Danske Spil Officially Launches Its ID System

16 November 2020, 17:15
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The recent news about the betting sector in Denmark is discussing the launch of the identification system, which will improve the level of minors protection from the negative effects of the gambling industry.

Danske Spil Officially Launches Its ID System

Starting from November 16, the system is coming into effect in all regions, namely Denmark, the Faroe Islands, and Greenland. It is worth mentioning that, earlier, it has been launched in a test mode in several areas.

The player verification system is multi-purpose

In addition to the major solution’s goal to restrict minors from gambling, Danske Spil also has other purposes that it has to cover. One of them is the prevention of malicious acts in the gambling industry, such as money laundering and other illegal actions, for example, in sports.

The state-owned company will now require a card from all the country’s citizens who gamble. It has two variants: a real card and a smartphone app. Bettors will have to use it in bookmakers’ offices to wager. According to the Danske Spil representatives, the majority of players supported the idea of the gambling card implementation. The main reason for this is that the solution will ensure a safe gambling environment. At the same time, the company’s competitors haven’t implemented any ID systems, which means that customers still have an opportunity to gamble anonymously.

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