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Danish Government Demands Stricter Rules for Betting

26 March 2021, 13:53
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According to the latest news about the gambling law in Denmark, now the country’s government is going to tighten rules in the retail betting sector.

Danish Government Demands Stricter Rules for Betting

As it has been informed, bettors will need to use gambling cards in betting shops to confirm that they aren’t gambling addicts and don’t exceed limits that they set for themselves.

New staking rules will meet several needs

The new regulations will help to solve several problems of the gambling industry. Among them are gambling addiction, match-fixing, money laundering, and prevention of minors’ gambling. Now every bettor has to register in the system obligatory and get a special card, which will allow him or her to get access to betting services. When gamblers place bets, their identities are checked to find out whether they are included in ROFUS (the register of self-excluded players) or not. After creating a gambling card, a bettor has to set wagering limits for a certain period. If a player has exceeded his or her limits but wants to stake, the service won’t be provided.

Operators will also have to collect and analyze players’ data and history of bets. Every time when a gambling card is scanned in a betting shop, providers of gambling products get a user’s information automatically and send a reply to a bookie. In addition to player protection, a gambling card is an efficient tool in the fight against money laundering and match-fixing. New rules make it impossible for criminals to place bets anonymously.

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