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Cryptocurrency Makes Merchants More Attractive to Customers

23 October 2020, 16:40
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According to the recent research and analysis of the latest cryptocurrency news, crypto-friendly merchants have more opportunities to increase the number of customers.

Cryptocurrency Makes Merchants More Attractive to Customers

The market experts emphasize that the availability of crypto-payments makes merchants more attractive to customers. This fact is confirmed by Forrester Consulting’s study. It has shown that companies, which use digital money, get more clients than those, which don’t.

Crypto payments lead to a spike in sales

The research has revealed that merchants, which implement crypto payments, are more successful in terms of sales and acquisition of new customers. In addition to this, cryptocurrency payments don’t require additional fees from merchants, as bank cards do. Usually, they pay at least 2.5 percent of fees for retail transactions. It means that companies save money thanks to crypto technologies.

Retailers that accept crypto payments have noticed a considerable increase in sales (by forty percent). However, the main conclusion of the survey is that the implementation of this option raises Return on Investment rates by 327 percent. Undoubtedly, it is the major reason why companies should consider this technology as the choice for the future.

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