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Crypto Facilities Obtains Monopoly and Opens New Opportunities for Investors

7 July 2020, 12:55
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As recent European news about cryptocurrency shows, Crypto Facilities, a company controlled by Kraken that provides trading solutions, has got a monopoly in the market.

Crypto Facilities Obtains Monopoly and Opens New Opportunities for Investors

It means many lucrative opportunities for corporate investors who now have legal access to the cryptocash market. The license issued by the Multilateral Trading Facility allows all companies interested in this sphere to purchase and sell Crypto Facilities’ products in Europe.

The main goal is to make cryptocurrency available for everyone

According to the company’s CEO, the license has great significance because it breaks new grounds for investors. It is an unprecedented case in Europe, although this monopoly is most likely to be temporary. At the same time, license acquisition is a difficult process, and there is a slight chance that Crypto Facilities may have competitors in the nearest future.

To get a license, companies have to overcome a lot of regulatory obstacles. The requirements include more than sixty items stating what characteristics businesses should have to apply for licensing. A company has to comply with an extensive list of conditions consisting of appropriate control, operational processes, and agreements. It is what institutional investors are searching for because these requirements ensure security and reliability. Crypto Facilities became the first to meet all the demands and break into the European market.

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