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COVID-19 Has Caused New Gambling Restrictions in Portugal

17 April 2020, 11:20
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The Portuguese government is concerned not only about a difficult situation due to the Coronavirus pandemic but also about problems connected with the gambling industry in the country.

COVID-19 Has Caused New Gambling Restrictions in Portugal

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Recently, government officials have taken on the task of implementing new online gambling regulations that will help to limit this kind of activity during the quarantine. New laws have come into effect on April 9 and they are focused on strict limitations of virtual gambling entertainment.

The Portuguese politicians want to struggle against problem gambling

It goes without saying that the main aim of these new developments in the country’s legislation, namely in the online gambling sector, is to prevent problem gambling. The quarantine has caused a noticeable increase in the gambling industry around the globe and it may lead to a big number of negative effects. It will mostly influence people who suffer from extensive gambling.

That is why the government of Portugal wants to keep the situation under control and partially or fully restrict access to online gambling services. Politicians are sure that it will help to secure impulsive players from financial losses and emotional breakdowns.

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