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Costa Rican Lottery Causes Problems to JPS

7 May 2021, 16:24
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The current global pandemic of COVID-19 is causing havoc according to the Costa Rican lottery news. According to the CGR, the Social Protection Board’s revenue declined by forty billion colones (53 thousand euros) during 2020.

Costa Rican Lottery Causes Problems to JPS

New ways to market the lottery

The downturn in lottery sales together with the lack of sweepstakes had a huge impact on the JPS and, as a result, financing of social programs. The social protection sector was damaged by the pandemic considerably. The previous year, the social safety nets got only 433 billion colones, which is one percent of the country’s GDP.

The JPS spokesperson has said that the organization will promote the lottery products on its website. It will sell the printed tickets that haven’t been used by providers by turning them into the digital offer. During the pandemic, the JPS conducts training for distributors and develops new lottery products.

Currently, the organization considers other ways for acquiring finances for supporting the vertical. However, its representatives have emphasized that many public sectors and spheres depend on the revenue generated by the lottery market.

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