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Coronavirus Isn’t Hindrance: the Irish Lottery Continues Its Operation

17 March 2020, 13:04
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The representatives of the Irish National Lottery, Lotto, have announced that they won’t stop their operation because of Coronavirus pandemic and will provide services according to their usual procedures.

Coronavirus Isn’t Hindrance: the Irish Lottery Continues Its Operation

Some websites with lottery news in the world posted the information that Lotto brought some restrictions to their head office in Dublin concerning precautionary measures to protect the lottery players and its staff from COVID-19. The measures also include the possibility to work remotely for the company’s workers.

As for winners, they can receive their money in local branch offices. However, if you are a lucky person who has hit jackpot or just won a considerable sum, be ready to visit Lotto’s headquarters to get your prize. People should make appointments to come to the office and take their money if the sum they have won starts from €15 000.

Lotto: “Safety is our priority now”

According to Lotto’s announcement, the company cares for its employees and clients. It did everything possible to avoid virus cases among its staff and players. On the other hand, its official representatives don’t see the necessity of ceasing the service’s operations across the country and winnings can still be claimed in the National Lottery stores.

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