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Comlot Delegates Power and Continues to Fulfil Former Tasks

6 January 2021, 11:53
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According to Switzerland’s web resources that cover gambling news and the gambling regulator’s official website, Comlot transfers its powers to another institution.

Comlot Delegates Power and Continues to Fulfil Former Tasks

Swiss Lottery and Betting Board, responsible for all gambling-related regulations in the country, delegates its responsibility to Gespa.

What will the rebranding change?

Gespa is an independent organization that will function on behalf of the public law. Its main body is a supervisory council, which includes five participants. The Comlot representatives have joined the newly formed regulatory authority.

In general, the new regulator will continue to handle its predecessor’s duties. Starting from January 1, 2021, Gespa controls the bookmaking and lottery sectors and is responsible for all obligations imposed on it. The regulatory body will ensure a safe gambling environment for players and will clamp down on unregulated services. In addition to this, it will collect statistics and reports on the gambling industry in Switzerland.

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