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CoE's Follow Up Committee Gathered Firstly Named Observers

30 November 2020, 15:17
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The European structure that tries to tackle unfairness in sports, Macolin Committee (Follow Up Committee), gathered for the first time. It also named the observers of the process, which would help to deal with sports manipulations. This fact can influence the latest betting news as more active anti-match-fixing practices can change bookmaking rules.

CoE's Follow Up Committee Gathered Firstly Named Observers

The desire to upgrade the sport's integrity forces the required bodies to take different steps. As the problem of match-fixing is one of the essential ones in sports and bookmaking simultaneously, the European regulators try to collaborate with diverse organizations. Being the only international regulatory body that tries to tackle the problem, the Follow Up Committee of the Council of Europe (CoE) has gathered its members for the first time.

However, the late November meeting also included the related organizations that will help the Macolin Committee as observers. Thus, the Global Lottery Monitoring System (GLMS), Interpol, and the International Olympic Committee also joined the process that is designed to decrease the match-fixing problem in sports.

What is the role of the Follow Up Committee in the process?

Despite the fact that the Convention on the Manipulation of Sports Competitions (the Macolin Convention) was activated on September 1, 2019, only seven countries have ratified it. Thus, Greece, Italy, Moldova, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland, and Ukraine are the most active members of the organization that consists of 47 states. At the same time, the Macolin Convention has been signed but not ratified by another 31 countries, including Australia.

The Council of Europe will tackle the problem of unfairness in sports not only by adopting the Macolin Convention. At the moment, CoE's Committee can be focused on increasing the attention to the issue across other countries. Another strategy is to add more organizations to the initiative. Thus, the Dutch representative, the Network of National Platforms, is going to join the process during the next meeting.

The last meeting started the process of sharing the knowledge about match-fixing cases, while the participants also described their vision on how the issue could be resolved. The Follow Up Committee can adjust the rules for bookmakers and add a global collaborative approach in order to detect suspicious bets detected by particular bookies.

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