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Clarion Gaming Management Team Sets out Objectives

26 January 2021, 17:17
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According to the up-to-date gambling news, Clarion Gaming has announced changes to its senior team with Alex Pratt, who helped pioneer the development of the i-Gaming Business brand, becoming Group Managing Director, and long-time Clarion executive, Stuart Hunter assuming the role of Managing Director with direct responsibility for all of Clarion’s market-leading industry events and brands.

Clarion Gaming Management Team Sets out Objectives

The announcement follows the departure of Kate Chambers, who has ceased consulting on behalf of Clarion to pursue additional opportunities in the wider gaming industry.

Alex Pratt, who joined Clarion in 2016 as part of the acquisition of i-Gaming Business and the Affiliate Conference events commented: “As a business, we recognize the really significant contribution Kate has made to the Clarion Gaming portfolio and in particular to the development of ICE London into the world’s most influential business-to-business gaming expo. She will be missed, and we wish her the very best in the next chapter of her career.”

He has added that he is delighted to confirm Stuart Hunter’s appointment as Managing Director, Clarion Gaming. Stuart has enjoyed a long and successful career joining Clarion in 2006 and working across the portfolio of events including retail, travel, and leisure before joining the Gaming team as Managing Director (Events). His expanded role takes in responsibility for the entire division, which also includes the company’s digital and publishing brands.

Looking ahead to the challenge, Stuart Hunter said: “It goes without saying that these are extremely difficult and challenging times for many people employed in the international gaming industry. The Clarion Gaming brands, comprising both live and digital services, have been able to grow and be successful due to the tremendous on-going support shown by our international customers working across all verticals.”

The newly appointed Managing Director has also said that he is going to accelerate Clarion Gaming’s development into an integrated, customer-first, omnichannel service provider, which has live events as one of its key foundation stones. His next objective is to help the global gaming industry rise to the challenges presented by the ‘new normal’ and to exit the pandemic in the best possible shape.

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