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China VMF at Vend ASEAN 2019

10 September 2019, 11:05
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According to the event organizers, China VMF will attend Vend ASEAN this September 19th-21st at Bangkok, Thailand.

China VMF at Vend ASEAN 2019

As Asia’s largest and most popular vending industry trade show, China VMF pays much attention to overseas promotion to make it a more worldwide show.

In the past few years, to promote the show, the event organizers have been to USA, Germany, Australia, Poland, Russia, France, and visited many companies, a lot of which have eventually become their exhibitors, such as Laqtia, SandenVendo, CPI, Silkron, PYRAMID, and etc.

Next, they will promote in Turkey and Italy in February and May 2020. China VMF 2020 will congregate 700 exhibitors on a show floor of 50,000 sq.m, ready to set a new record for the show’s history.

China VMF organizers welcome to visit their Booth B26 at Vend ASEAN 2019 this September.

As mentioned earlier, another major Asian gaming event, G2E Asia, is planning to hold its global edition in the Philippines this December.

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