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China to Bust Major Illegal Gambling Organization

6 November 2019, 11:58
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Chinese law enforcement officials have busted a large-scale online gambling ring in the Sihanoukville region of Cambodia. Besides, they have promised to allocate funds for reducing the impact of Cambodia’s ban on online gambling.

China to Bust Major Illegal Gambling Organization

On November 5, the Chinese media reported that the local police of Nanchang had managed to disrupt a huge multinational illegal igaming operation. According to the authorities, the organization processed wagers amounting to $4.3 billion and their customer base consisted of over one million gamblers.

The report states that 6 organizers of the gambling ring together with Wu Moumou, their alleged leader, have been arrested in Preah Sihanouk province and brought back to China. According to local media, the organization ran several websites (e.g. Macau Casino) probably intended to imply some sort of connection with casino operators holding a Macau license.

The recent ban on online gambling in Cambodia has forced a lot of Chinese to leave Sihanoukville. The Prime Minister of Cambodia said that Chinese government fully support this decision as well as announced providing financial assistance for development projects in the region with an aim to help the local economy.

As mentioned earlier, Malaysian law enforcement authorities have recently arrested 247 members of an illegal gambling organization.

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