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China Imposes Punishment on Gambling Trips Organizers

29 December 2020, 14:18
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As it has been informed in the Chinese gambling news, the National People’s Congress – the main state authority – has adopted a new law that will imprison people who organize trips to other countries for gambling entertainment. 

China Imposes Punishment on Gambling Trips Organizers

This amendment to the criminal law has been considered back in October. However, only now the government signed the decree, and it came into force.

What is the amendment’s purpose?

Starting from March 1, 2021, all individuals whose guilt in organizing trips abroad is established will get the punishment – ten years of imprisonment. It is worth mentioning that the decree applies not only to the Republic’s citizens but also to its residents and, in general, to people who violate the law.

China doesn’t allow any type of gambling within its territory, except for the national lottery. Macau has its own legal system, which doesn’t relate to the mainland. The new amendment will help the country to get more control over the flow of money spent in other states’ casinos. According to recent reports, 150 billion dollars were brought out of China for gambling purposes in 2020. Experts say that these changes will, first of all, influence Macau’s junket sector negatively.

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