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China Drew Conclusions on Anti-Gambling Activity in 2020

9 January 2021, 11:10
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According to the gambling news from China, the country’s government took many measures to fight against unregulated gambling.

China Drew Conclusions on Anti-Gambling Activity in 2020

The Ministry of Public Security reported on its actions against illegal gambling activities, their results, and the current state of the vertical.

Operators find loopholes to provide illegal services

The Ministry stated that over 3500 cases connected with foreign gambling services had been detected and resolved, with nearly 7500 law offenders arrested. It also provided figures related to other measures, including disabling more than two thousand gambling websites, 1960 unauthorized payment systems, and 1160 marketing platforms.

China has created a list of the countries that offer gambling entertainment to its citizens and warned them against traveling abroad for gambling or visiting online platforms, which operate in its territory illegally. The report shows that eleven million Chinese people are involved in digital gambling on a daily basis. Many of them use mobile applications and such popular payment options as Tether, UnionPay, and Alipay for depositing there. Now the country is going to continue its war against prohibited activities and to pay more attention to so-called fourth-party providers, which use complex procedures to hide casino-related payments under legal transactions.

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