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Chile Is on Its Way to Legalized Online Gambling

4 February 2021, 11:14
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According to up-to-date news, gambling in Chile, namely its digital segment, can be legalized soon. The Ministry of Finance considers the law, which can make the online sector regulated in the country.

Chile Is on Its Way to Legalized Online Gambling

The idea of introducing the law for online gambling has been discussed for a long time. Now, it seems that Chile’s government has serious intentions concerning the iGaming vertical.

Chile expects to benefit from regulated iGaming

The government has quite a positive prognosis for the launch of the regulated market and its future operation. It is expected that operators will be able to get a license and provide digital gambling services legally in 2021’s Q1. The main aim is to create a safe and competitive market that will allow the government to monitor gambling companies’ operation and protect their customers.

Chile’s official bodies also have sordid motives for iGaming legalization. The pandemic has damaged the country’s economy, and additional taxes will be useful for its recovery. For example, the land-based sector generated approximately 700 million dollars for the state coffers in 2019. The chances are that the online vertical can bring even more.

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