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Children’s Commissioner Urges Government to Ban Loot Boxes

20 November 2020, 13:12
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The problem of loot boxes and their negative influence on minors is much discussed in the European gambling news.

Children’s Commissioner Urges Government to Ban Loot Boxes

It isn’t surprising as many surveys confirm that this gambling feature has a negative impact on children. According to the data provided by the Children’s Commissioner for England, underage players usually try to accelerate their progress in a game and chase losses to unlock a random prize box.

Loot boxes may lead to gambling addiction

The Commissioner insists that the government should urgently take measures to protect minors from the harm caused by randomized gifts in games. Anne Longfield has facts, which prove loot boxes’ gambling background. One of them is that children are ready to spend money on this in-game feature unless they get the desired items. A spectacular example is FIFA paid packages.

The Children’s Commissioner is sure that loot boxes have to fall under another category, namely, gambling products. She applied to the legislators with a strong recommendation to ban loot boxes for minors as soon as possible. As the gaming industry is very developed and popular in Great Britain, this proposal should be considered in the nearest time. Otherwise, it may lead to an increase in gambling addiction among underage citizens.

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