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Casino Workplaces Are at Risk, UK Operators Demand Support

24 September 2020, 17:42
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As it has been informed in UK’s casino news, operators in the country have raised the question of financial support to save jobs.

Casino Workplaces Are at Risk, UK Operators Demand Support

The government has approved a new set of measures caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has influenced the casino sector again. One of them is a strict curfew for all entertainment venues, including gambling ones. According to it, land-based gambling establishments have to close their doors not later than 10 p.m. These rules came into effect on September 24 and incurred operators’ displeasure.

Casinos ask the Chancellor to implement a job-saving package

The thing is that the bigger amount of casinos’ revenue in Great Britain is generated exactly after 10 p.m. That is why the curfew means a great threat to the industry, and especially to all its employees. It urged operators to ask the government for financial help. It can protect thousands of workplaces that will suffer from the introduced measures.

Now, the Chancellor needs to consider this proposal and arrive at a verdict on how to protect casino industry employees from losing jobs. In addition to this, operators demand a kind of economic package, which will help them to maintain their businesses at the appropriate level. Earlier this year, the British government has launched the furlough scheme for casino workers and compensated their salaries partially during it. However, the scheme will end in the nearest time, and its prolongation is doubtful. Casino owners also ask for tax-related programs that will allow their companies to stay afloat.

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