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Canada’s Betting Reform Is Forthcoming

23 April 2021, 17:09
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The House of Commons of Canada has passed the law that will finally transform the betting regulations in the country.

Canada’s Betting Reform Is Forthcoming

The news about the law is important for the bookmaking sector as it will make single-game betting legal, which means a big step forward for the industry.

Now the bill goes to the Senate

After the approval by the House of Commons, the bill was redirected to the Senate for further consideration. This move draws less strict regulations to Canada’s market nearer. The major aim of the law is to make amendments to the Criminal Code, which currently prohibits placing bets on single sports events. After the second reading several months ago, the third reading became winning for the law as the Parliament endorsed it.

According to industry experts, the Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act will help to fight against the black market as it will draw gamblers over to the regulated and safe betting environment. It is worth mentioning that the initial goal of tightened regulation was to prevent match-fixing. However, the law had a reverse result with more players switching to illegal gambling.

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