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Can Alcohol Selling Restriction Save UK's Casinos?

9 October 2020, 16:40
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The Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) of the United Kingdom is preparing for the new wave of COVID-19 outbreak. The organization suggested forbidding alcohol selling in order to decrease possible infection sources in casinos. BGC also insists on the inadmissibility of closing gambling venues as casinos follow all the safety rules and positively impact the Treasury.

Can Alcohol Selling Restriction Save UK's Casinos?

The Betting and Gaming Council discusses the possibility of restricting alcohol sales in casinos during the COVID-19 pandemic. The board tries to prepare a plan for possible new measures as the new coronavirus wave is coming. Since drinks in the restaurants and bars are considered as one of the primary sources of illness spreading, casino representatives want to exclude additional pressure items for possible closures.

The CEO of BGC, Michael Dugher, claimed that any additional limiting measures could be a disaster for casinos. According to the latest casino news, the curfew implementation that excluded visiting of the land-based gambling venues after 10 PM led to the reduction of the revenues. UK's casinos are at the level of only 30% compared to what they were earning a year ago, according to Dugher.

The representative also claimed that casinos should not be regarded as the pseudo-night-clubs. Micheal stated that gambling premises in the UK were some sort of perfect rules compliance examples. Protecting and fenced-off screens were implemented before the reopening, while sanitizers became a new norm in casinos along with social distancing. The BGC's CEO assured that UK's land-based gambling venues were ready to meet all the needed requirements and even suggested their own ones.

Why are UK casinos worried about the situation?

The new disease outbreak is something unpredictable for governors who can implement too emotional decisions. Thus, the BGC could look at the situation in neighboring Scotland, where the government announced closing all the gambling and hospitality venues for 16 days. UK's casinos don't want another total lockdown, as even a September's curfew implementation has led to significant problems to the land-based gambling industry.

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