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Camelot Confirmed in the Race for the British National Lottery

26 October 2020, 16:03
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Camelot Group, the recent National Lottery operator, participated in the first tender round for another license period. However, the company requires to open the final Invitation to Apply list before making a bid. According to the latest lottery news, the fourth tender process for National Lottery permission will end the next September.

Camelot Confirmed in the Race for the British National Lottery

The British Gaming Commission has announced the fourth National Lottery tender process at the end of summer 2020. Even though the Camelot Group owns this permission since 1994, it has to pass a tough competition for the upcoming licensing. Now it confirmed the participation in the first tender stage.

However, the recent National Lottery provider asked for opening the final Invitation to Apply list before making a bid for licensing. It creates additional tension to the process as other participants like the Sazka Group from the Czech Republic and Shugal & Damani from India questioned the tender process. Thus, the British Gaming Commission postponed the license competition and automatically prolonged Camelot’s lottery rights due to pandemic obstacles. The contenders related this step as the direct help to Camelot Group.

The representatives of the Camelot Group has said that the firm is in good shape and shows three consecutive years of growth. He also insisted on the massive amount of winning sums and good clauses, which overcame £140 billion. The spokesperson has also emphasized the huge benefits of the National Lottery that it brings to clients.

What are the specifics of the UK's National Lottery?

The British Gaming Commission gives permission to hold the National Lottery for about ten years. Camelot Group won the first three tenders, but a few scandals took place since their first draw in 1994. Interestingly, but other lottery operators and ordinary clients initiated scandals. The latter seems to be disappointed by the winning probability, which is much lower than the declared chances. On the other hand, license contenders are disappointed that the tender process is adjusted to Camelot's needs. The appeal of Camelot Group to the opening of the Invitation to Apply list seems to be the beginning of other tensions during the tender process.

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