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Camelot and GC Attacked by Two British MPs

29 March 2021, 16:37
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Two British parliamentary deputies, Richard Holden and Carolyn Harris, sent the letter to the Gambling Commission with accusations against Camelot as the National Lottery operator. The MPs have explained their concerns related to the license-receiving process and the aims that Camelot has at the moment. Login Casino follows the latest lottery news, presenting details of the interesting case.

Camelot and GC Attacked by Two British MPs

The MPs began doubting the intentions of Camelot when creating the advertising messages. The deputies claimed that some of the initiatives were going in contrary to the National Lottery's initial aim. Thus, they reminded the ads campaign in The House Magazine, where the promotion was built upon the good causes increase and so meant bigger profits to Camelot.

Another complaint has been addressed to the Gambling Commission, which has to control all such actions by Camelot. Moreover, the MPs warned about the suspicious situation with Camelot's licensing history as the company won all three bids for the National Lottery since 1994. Governors said that the upcoming fourth one could scare the future tender applicants who wouldn't believe in the possibility of winning the licensing race.

Camelot has already responded

Such an accusing position of the MPs met an immediate reaction of Camelot, which came with the letter in response. Among the main arguments was the appeal to the strict compliance with license duties as no punishments from the side of the GC were imposed. Also, the National Lottery operator mentioned that good causes were used only for direct purposes and not for Camelot's benefits. At the same time, the company reminded about its initiatives to support children with computers and local bike schemes with their own funds.

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